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Limo dancing

Limosine Dancing with Laptastic

Laposine is the most versatile adult entertainment there is. Enjoy your erotic experience anywhere – Laposine is sensuality on wheels! Either treat yourself, amuse your friends or surprise your clients with the best day or night of on-the-road entertainment possible. In the unrivalled luxury of your own private limousine, we can promise you an incredible adventure of high quality dancing and entertainment.

The Laposine experience is ideal for stag nights, hen parties, birthdays and other special occasions. Make your important outing as special as it can be: combine the extravagant comfort of the best cars with the erotic pleasure of the finest sensual dancing. Laposine is the only way to enjoy the luxurious and the amatory in perfect fusion for the perfect outing. Laposine operates a strict code of conduct, please take a moment to read it before making a booking. Be warned, though: once you’ve traveled with Laposine, you’ll be disappointed in any other form of travel! For bookings & information call Today.

Map of UK
We cover all areas of the UK.
  • Limosine Dancing with difference
  • A Nationwide service covering all areas of the UK
  • Whether it is for you or a client? Whatever we can Cater
  • Laposine will entertain you with Style and Panache and will make your ride unforgettable accompanied with one or two of our Stunning Limo Dancers ready to fully strip for You.
  • It is up to you How Many Exotic Dancers you want on board, we can do tailor made Packages to suit.
  • We have a fleet of 8 to 22 Seater Stretched Limosines Available of your chosen colour.
  • Complimentary Champagne.

Laposine offers Packages to suit with Luxurious Limousines and gorgeous sensual Dancers.

Basic Package would be for a 1 hour cruise around town consisting with one or two dancers for the Journey who will fully strip for you (Unlimited Stripping).

Standard Package would be for a 2 hour cruise with one or two dancers that will strip for you (Unlimited Stripping).  

Have Laposine for all your journey, whatever you require we can assist you, tailor made packages available, the world is your oyster.

Whether this is for a corporate booking for client entertainment or a product launch, or a private evening between friends, we can cater for all needs and create packages to suit. Whether you’re a rugby team on a night out after an important game, a group of businesspeople decompressing after a hectic week; or some old friends reuniting for a special night on the tiles, Laposine seeks to provide memorable entertainments for memorable occasions. You can trust us to provide luxury and sensuality in precisely the way you desire.

Laposine is the ideal package for client entertainment or to treat Yourself to a night of perfect adult entertainment.

Whatever your preferences we can Assist
Tailor Made Packages Available

Call 0161 408 6157 or click