Laptastic Lapdancing Agency UK

Who is your Agent?



My name is Jason Watson and I am dedicated to running the agency of Laptastic, supplying dancers and clubs all around the world. 

I shall soon be having a support team to assist you with all enquiries and make your bookings and other sub agents to work with. I believe in giving you straight and honest answers to your questions, as this is what I expect to hear myself. It is a hard Industry but very challenging and that is what I thrive on. I must stress that I only require serious people around me, that are positive and have the right attitude and energy in the industry and want to be Professional at all times.

One true saying and that is "Rome wasn't built in a day"  So if you're a Dancer never expect to make yourself a fortune on your first day of work.

 I have travelled to many places recently to see for myself how the clubs run themselves, for example - Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Paris, Malta, Spain and clubs in the UK and will continue to visit more and if I don't visit them myself then my intentions are to send in-house dancers that have the knowledge of what is required. The same applies if you are a club owner seeking dancers. 

Before you decide to work with my agency please understand our registration procedure and terms.

Jason is wearing the black suit.



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