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Laptastic Road Show Dancers

Laptastic hold many Road shows throughout the UK and we are always looking for fresh Performers / Artistes to participate in many venues across the UK.

This is a fantastic way to really let your hair down, enjoy , and make money at the same time as the shows are constantly different from venue to venue. The atmosphere is second to none as the road show is planned so the people are eagerly waiting just for you!

They give you a tremendous feeling and excitement when you perform in front of a crowd that are just waiting to see you at the venue.

Many of the Road shows are held at Football / Rugby clubs and Corporate functions they give you an amazing experience, we are wanting to make you a star, a cut above the rest, You will become Feature dancers for Laptastic.

Many shows have a 3 course dinner and comedian with a guest speaker and the pleasure of the Laptastic Dancers at the end of the night. But we are also creating a set routine of stage shows and adding the ambience of sound that includes funky / soul / and passion to be part of a Laptastic show and many shows are just based on Lap dancing entertainment without the comedian and guest speaker, in a nutshell its a show just for Dancers just to perform and entertain from the start of the venue.

But Laptastic does not just stop at that we have regular Pole shows / Dinner parties / and even Boat trips / Zanny extrovert shows etc, so if you feel you want to part of this then simply apply right now with your recent photo and your location, please apply to:

Laptastic Agency,
Po Box 76,
Manchester M19 2XY,

call 0161 408 6157
or 07831 880218


Remember most of this work is based in the UK. If you're looking at this page and want to host a venue then contact Laptastic right now, there's no time like the present.

Look forward in seeing you Rock "n" Roll come and be part of Laptastic Road shows. 

You must admit that this is a different angle of waiting for customers in the club you work in, its a great feeling to walk into a venue and see 100 plus just waiting for you to dance for them?  We say 100 plus as a figure sometimes there's been up to 500 punters with a wad of dollars to spend.    


Previous Road Shows

Laptastic Christmas Party - Stockport Dec 2003




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