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May 2007

Mexico Review by Kerry Connolly - May 07

Solid gold is a very classy, upmarket club, with very wealthy clientel..
80% of customers speak good english and are also very friendly..
The cusine at the club is really nice, and at an affordable price.. But
usually customers buy you food.. Dancing is only topless, if you feel
comfortable with a customer you may let them touch but if you are not
comfortable you dont have to let them touch..
Each dance cost 150 peso and lasts a min of 3 songs.. Each night you must
pay 300 pesos to work(2 tickets).. You must dance on the stage every
night, depending on how many girls are working you are required to go on
the stage at least 1-4 times a night.. You must choose 3 songs, and only
dance topless on stage..
The management are really nice people and very helpfull, if you have any
problems they are always there for you.. They have 2 house moms at the
club, Paddy and Mago..
Each dancer at solid gold gets their own locker, you are responsilible for
your possesions and must use the locker at all times..
The club has alot of free facilities for the dancers such as: Showers,
Shower Gel, Moistouriser, Hairdryers, Tampax, Makeup, Razors, you name it
they have it.. There are also 2 great makeup artists that will transform
you and make you look beautiful, at a price of 1 dance ticket (150 peso)..
There are also 2 great hair stylists, for the same price and a massage
The girls at the club are from all countries and are all very nice and
friendly.. There is no bitchiness at the club and the club does not
tolerate bullying..
The security at the club is very good, girls are always secure 100% of the
time working at solid gold.. You are escorted to and from the club to your
The first 2 weeks working at solid gold you must start work at 3pm and
finish at 11pm.. The 3rd week you must start work at 5pm and finish at
midnight and when you have worked for more than 3 weeks you can start work
at 7pm and finish at 3am-4am..
The accomadation is very nice and very clean.. 24 hour security always..
They have shower facilities and laundry and a small garden you can
sunbathe.. The rooms are very clean with a bed, wardrobe and TV.. The
rooms are cleaned everyday and beds are also changed everyday..
You only work Monday-Friday and have wkends off to do what you like..
Mexico is a lovely place and people are lovely i highly reccomend working
at solid gold..

March 2007

Guernsey Road Show Review

15 of us arrived in Guernsey and the press were there waiting. Itís the first time Lap Dancing has ever been performed in Guernsey, so there were a lot of different expectations.

The girls did photos and interviews at the airport and then they where whisked away to their accommodation in limousines. After a bit of chill out time there were taken to the venue, where they were all seated for an Italian meal and free drinks. The venue was more than suitable, they had a stage and pole and a private dance area with adequate security. The staff at the club were helpful and friendly and ensured that the girls felt at ease and were well looked after.

The girls had a good night and so did the customers, it was a new thing and understandably at first the customers were nervous, but as the night went on there was more and more response and the customers were more at ease. All in all there was a good night and hopefully the girls have changed the views of some of the people that were against it.

Iím hoping this can become a regular thing as the more it is done the more response it will get.

Thank you to all the girls, you all worked extremely well together.

Clare xxx

February 2007

Some information on Solid Gold Mexico,

Would definitely recommend this club as it gives you access to explore Mexico, Acapulco and the pyramids, Cancun. the weekends off are great.

The bouncers and staff go out of there way to make you feel at ease and you are looked after.

The accommodation is comfortable and basic but very secure and you are escorted home all the time.

There is no cash within the club as illegal in Mexico and you should use this club as your travel opportunity. I always made between 300 - 700 dollars and that was in January when quiet. Although if you change to pounds sterling not so much you live very well in Mexico with that.

You can have your nails, hair, massage done be staff for a small fee and if you buy food from restaurant in club it is both tasty and very reasonable. must say though dinner is always brought for you by customers.
Now the dancing, it's friction and lets say soft touch topless, now don't get me wrong a lot can go on in VIP though on the floor this is not necessary, a good dancer will know how to maintain control easily and easily get 5 dances in a row and them coming back repeatedly. The door men are there to mark your dances not state rules, that is your job. I also had many sit downs well paid without dancing at all, you have to know how to play the game, the more elegant and out of place you are the more they want. There are some very rich men in Mexico which is amazing for such a poor country. They love foreigners, English, eastern European.

Thanks to Laptastic for giving me this opportunity xx

Love Annie xxx

January 2007

my name is katy ive just come back from two weeks in puerto banus in marbella with laptastic.The whole experience was brillinant and im definatly going back in march.The club itself was loveley and its was the friendliest lapdacing club ive ever worked in.Everyone is like one big family.The rules are straight forward and the management were fantastic to work for. I found that they really looked after you.I was shocked how busy it did get on the weekends especially for january. If you like to party and work the same time i recommend this club as the dj playes really good music all the time and its like one big party at work.Its very popular with the golfers this time a year and there is a lot of money to be made within the next few months.I recommend this club to girls who like a mad party atmosphere who are up for meeting lots of different people while earning money.

December 2006

hi jason just wanted to say thanks again for the xmas parties at acton court hotel. Me and Lisa both had a great time on both occassions, had a laugh with the customers who was very nice, and very keen on dancing and made more than a reasonable amount of money. Also enjoyed the xmas party at Loaf in manchester which we got paid a set amount for the three hours works and also did very well in tips, and enjoyed the free bar, ha, thanks jason speak soon love chelsea x x x

Marbella - Nov-Dec 2006

The club in Marbella is really nice with very high earning potential.
The management and staff are very helpful and friendly and I made some good friends.
Premier is well established and is a very well run and secure club. It was really enjoyable to work there.
The accommodation is lovely, spacious and situated in Puerta Benus itself along with the club. Itís within walking distance or a short taxi ride away.
Puerta Benus is an amazing place with loads of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants.
Overall, I think this is a great club to work in. I definitely recommend this club. I look forward to returning in March 2007,where I plan to spend the summer.

Gran Canaria - July-Oct 2006

Gran Canaria was a definite eye opening experience.
When I arrived in July we did have quite a few good nights due to it being peak season but it was never definite and you had to work hard.
I did spend 3 months there but only making enough money to make it a working holiday.
It was a very stylish new club but was not established at all, and being the only lap dancing only club in Gran Canaria it struggled to get customers who were willing to spend much money.
The management did try their best to make the club busy and the customers to spend more money but unfortunately it did not work out and the club closed in November.

private party review - sept 06

Hi Jason,
Thanks very much for hiring me for the private party in Chelsea last night. Had a great night, the guys were wonderful, the stag was great fun, and it was all very classy (ya! ya!). Please invite me to do any future ones that come available!

I made great money last night for 2 hours work, god i love my job! Take care!

xx Jennifer from London

Iceland - August 2006 by Anne

Club Vegas Is in Iceland, I arrived here on 3rd august, it is still pretty cold in Iceland even though its summer, the club itself is very small and is set back of the main road, the club is owned and managed by the same man.

On week nights the club is usually pretty quiet, only 5 or 6 customers, maybe some days you may get lucky but it is generally very quiet.

Weekends in Vegas is busy, the clientele varies from business men from the states, england etc, to russian seaman, you can find guys who are there for some attention and you can really make alot of money from dances and ladies drinks.One of the good things in Iceland is that the guys nearly always tip you when you are on stage, usually 500 or 1000 kroner but this is 4 and 8 pounds so it adds up.

In club vegas the stage is pretty small so girls who like to perform on large stages will be dissappointed, this club is more about sitting drinking with customers and private dances.

One thing about dancing in Iceland is that you are charged tax on your earnings this can be from 15 to 30 %, however, you do recieve around 8 net for a ladies drink and private dances start at 16 net to the dancer for a 5 minute dance, so you can earn alot of money for only a few dances, it is definately better than some of the english clubs where you only recieve 7 per dance, and the guys sometimes tip you for private dances as well as the stage, the club has a no touch policy.

The staff at vegas are very friendly and the manager is lovely, he is always there to help out if there are any problems, the club itself does not have security but the bar staff are always on hand should you need assistance.

The accomodation is at an apartment very close to the club and is only a few minutes walk away, there are 3 bedrooms with 2 girls in each it has one shower room with toilet, and has hot rings for cooking meals, but at this time no oven,it also has a washer and dryer, overall it is very comfortable and is just off the main street for shopping so you have a central location.

Overall the Vegas club is a very friendly place but it is a very small club, but there is money to be made here.

Iceland itself a quite an expensive country but it has some beautifull scenery, the Blue Lagoon is one of Icelandīs most popular tourist spots and you will see why if you are able to take a trip there, sometimes the club will arrange a visit for the girls.

Overall the club is worth a visit, i am happy with the money i have made in my 3 weeks here, you can relax during the slow times but when the customers are in you can earn alot of money in a short space of time if you are prepared to hustle.

Take Care Anne xx


DUNDALK - June-July 2006

As it was my first contract with Laptastic I was a little nervous to say the least but the management and staff were really helpful and friendly.
The club is really nice to work in with a relaxed but secure atmosphere.
The accommodation is nice and within walking distance from the club, which meant a nice stroll home with the girls to wind down after work, although a lift home was always available from the manager or staff as the girls security is always a priority.
Dundalk itself a small village (a 40 minute train journey away from Dublin) but thereís plenty of shops, a cinema and a leisure centre to keep you occupied seen as it did get quite boring during the day, so Itís wise to take a few DVDís. The good thing is though, itís really easy to save money!
Whispers is the only strip club in Dundalk so it does get really busy at times and the Irish guys never seem to mind spending lots of money!
This club has good earning potential.
I had a good 2 weeks and was really happy with what I had earned so I decided to stay an extra 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the club was not so busy and I did not make as much. Even so, I enjoyed my time in Ireland and would like to go back one day.

paris may 06 - by christina

Dear jason,
just a note to let you know that christina and I both had a brilliant time in paris. The girls are lovely, the house mum and dad and the whole management team are extremely accommodating and helpful and make you feel more at home. I recommend the club especially to blond girls as french guys seem to love blonds but anyone can make good money out there. However it is really hard work.I found it quite easy to get dances but you must be prepared to do a lot of table dances especially on the weekends and you will be called quite frequently for pole work.This club is not for the lazy.If you work hard there is a potential to make some serious money!we loved it out there and cant wait to go back again!
thank you for all your help.
Katie and christina xxxxx

P.s We want to go back in June 06

private party - march 06 - chelsea london

Hi Jason, its Tanya not sure what to write, hope the following is ok


3 dancers were required for this event. The event was a stag do for some wealthy buisness men. This is definately something i was keen to do due to the location and the type of clientele involved.

Gosh its a small world, i recognised one of the dancers from stringfellows.

The venue was in a upscale resturant in Chelsea.

I was a little late, but the clients seem happy enough with the selection of dancers. There was me ( a black dancer), a blond and brunette.

As soon as i entered the room i noticed how seductive it was. It was dimly lit, there was a very long table and champagne everywhere. These guys clearly knew how to have a good time and got everything just a bout right. it was like i was on a movie set.

We all took in in turns to dance for the stag mainly. It was a good atmosphere and the guys were i think the most friendliest group of men i have met in the industry and clearly looked after us. They wasnt sleazy like the typical punters. We were given tips on top of the £200 basic we got for the 2 hours work. We all enjoyed ourselves so much the guys continued ordering more alcohol and we ended up partying till around 2am in the morning instead of 12.30am. This is definately something i will reccomend any dancer to do in the near future, Its fun and easy.

Review By Emma - February 2006 - England Northampton - Ref 33

I am a new member with Laptastic and over the past 6 weeks I have been working at Northampton. So far I have had a very enjoyable time due to the friendly nature of the club including the dancers, bar staff and management. The house mom at the club is a fully trained dancer and ex-lap dancer and her positive, friendly attitude reflects that. The facilities are very good including hot showers, spacious dressing rooms, towels and ironing facilities. On a Friday and Saturday there is even a resident spray tan facility provided by a qualified technician! There is money to be made at this club particularly on a Friday and Saturday although the punters sometimes need coaxing a little!

I would recommend working at this club as long as you are prepared to work hard because you do get out what you put in! Take Care.

Emma xx

Clear Day Paris Review - Feb 2006 from Jasmine

I danced in Paris for eight months. At first I started at Stringfellows. Paris itself it a great city and if given the chance I would advise any girl to work there to experience this. Because I statred at the beginning when the club first opened the money was fantastic. I did find towards the end of my stay find that the Parisian men became rather annoying - but this is just a matter of opinion! I know many dancers that have left the UK to move out to Paris for good. There is money to be earnt out there but this varys from night to night - the beginning of the week being very quiet and getting busy wednesdays onwards. The hours of working are also a bit longer than back here in the UK. I still keep in touch with dancers in Paris and I am informed that there is still a great potential to earn money. It is tough to get dances but some nights you will find that every man wants a dance and other nights that no body does!

I would say its worth giving it a go to see what you think. The French do seem to like dark haired girls.


Jasmine Delaney

Ireland Cork Ref 15 & Dundalk Ref 14 - Feb 2006 from Jasmine

Cork Club and Dundalk Club
I worked at this club in Cork from end of July to the beginning of August for a two week period. During this time I found that the busier nights were obviously the weekend. Sundays through to about wednesday the club was very quiet - bearing in mind I did go during the summer (which is not always the best time to work!). The first week was quite lonely as there were no English girls there. The accomadation was okay and management were good too. I would say to anybody who has not worked here to give it a go because it may work better for someone else. I wasnt overly keen on the customers either.

However, in contrast I also worked in Dundalk around mid July for a week. I didnt like dundalk as a city and didnt like the accomadation - but I found it was easier to earn money at this club than I did in Cork.The customers were nicer and I had quite a few sit-downs during my week. This club was quiet too but I probably had one really bad night , a few good nights and the rest were okay nights. In Cork I had many more bad nights than good. I found it easier to get dances in Dundalk. I earnt more in Dundalk in a week than what I did in Cork for two weeks.

To summarise I would say that you never know what clubs are like unless you try. Bearing in mind I was at these clubs during the summer period - when talking to the other dancers at the clubs I was told that during busy periods eg, run up to christmas, the clubs are extremely busy.


Jasmine Delaney

England Peterborough Ref 67 - September 2005 from Lisa and Shelley

Hi Jason,

Just to let you know that we had a great time in Peterborough, the club was very professionally run, & everyone is really friendly.
We both earned fairly good money, & we're going back next weekend as we were told we went a quiet weekend last time.

Lisa & Shelly.

Aberdeen - Ref 00 - September 2005 From Charmaine

Situated five minutes from the train station and near to the city centre, The Club is a small and relaxed club. Both management and the girls are friendly which makes for a good atmosphere. The club's interior is very smart, having been recently refurbished and boasts a spectacular stage with mirrored walls and two poles. There is a separate private dancing area which is open plan and softly lit.

The clientele are friendly and you can expect to earn between 700-1000 a week.

Take Care

harmaine xxxx

Iceland Ref 03 - October 2004 from Miyah

I had a very good time making money in Iceland's most comfortable club Odal.

Non stop private dancing on very busy weekends. Its quite easy to end up chilling in the luxury Champagne room for 5 hours or longer. The Club Staff is very helpful with selling the PD and Champagne. They took very well care of me and all my needs even drove the girls down to the most relaxing Spa Blue Lagoon.
I really look forward to return. and recommend this club - but dont forget to bring a warm jacket and Moon boots...


Norway Ref 21 June 2004 From Sarah Hughes

Dear Jason, Here is the updated review for Larvik....

Well, I have just returned from a 6 week stint in Larvik, Norway and I have to say my visit was a success. As the Summer season approaches, the business in the club is really picking up. There are a lot of bachelor parties out at weekends, and the sunny weather is bringing people over on boats from other parts of Norway who are ready to party.  There are more customers in the club during the week now - previously Tuesday and Wednesday had been very quiet, but now they are busy nights and the atmosphere is great.

The sunny weather also means that when you are not at work, you can walk to the sandy beach which is 5 minutes away from the house and work on your tan! I must also mention that there is a mall you can catch a bus to, maybe not as big as what we are used to, but still a pretty good place to pass the afternoon. There were quite a lot of home strips available while I was in Larvik, so if you are lucky enough to get one - it is a great start to your night. You will receive around 1200NOK for a 2 song show at someone's party, and they are great fun, and a good way to improve your skills.

The stage at the club has just been fitted with a new floor thanks to Turid, which both looks AND  feels better to perform on. I have found this return visit to be even more successful than my first trip here financially, and I strongly recommend other Laptastic girls give the Club a try... GOOD LUCK!!!!

Sarah xxxx

Norway Ref 21 May 2004

From Sarah Hughes

It is a lovely club to work in. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed with candle lit tables, the customers are friendly to English visitors and all the staff are very helpful. The stage is pretty big, with two poles and railings surrounding it, which you can incorporate into your routine. (Climb over it to get to customers or straddle it and gyrate around!) Dancers perform on a rota throughout the night and perform a to song set, ending up fully nude. For each drink bought for you, or private dance you have you will get a till receipt from the bar staff. You need to keep these in a safe place so you can get paid at the end of the night. Without them you get nothing. The private dance area is low lit with a sexy feel to it, with a comfy settee and chairs. You get paid at the end each night and a lift home is usually arranged for you. The club is usually quiet at the start of the night BUT donít panic it up fills up around midnight and can get very busy until 3am.

You will be resting those aching feet at the ownerís house  which is a 15minute walk from the club, or a 90 kroner taxi ride. Dancers sleep in two well sized bedrooms, with television, video and seating area in the largest room. You have one shower and two toilets between you, so making a shower rota is a good idea! A fridge is provided in the bedroom area for your food and drinks. You have full use of a fully fitted kitchen  with microwave, dishwashers, cooker etc, but you must remember you are in someone elseís house so you must make sure you tidy up straight away, wipe down surfaces and load the dishwasher etc.

There are two supermarkets at the end of the road so itís a good idea to stock upon there, as eating out is expensive and there are no fast food outlets nearby. You can also use the local swimming pool and gym, email friends free of charge from the local library (there are no internet cafťs here), or just take a walk round the town. The shops here are not very exciting, so you will be able to save almost everything you earn which is always good!! I would recommend you tried this club out, I really enjoyed my stay and will defiantly be back later on in the year.

Paris - Ref 07 Feb 2004 From Draga


Having spoken to many of the international dancers I met there and based on my personal experience (I have already worked there 2 contracts and I'm going back next week for my third contract), it is by far one of the best clubs around. The club in itself is beautiful, on two levels and with two stages. The music is excellent, you'll here all styles of music during one night, from RnB and slow to grunge, house and techno. If you have a favourite song that you'd like to dance on and that suits the style of the club, you can talk to the DJ and arrange with him to play it for you. Anyway he will quickly understand what your favourite style is and when you're dancing at the same time with another girl, he will find you a match.


The earning potential in this club is fantastic, because there are customers every night, so it's really up to you as a dancer to make them spend some money. During the weekend the club gets packed, but you can expect to have a very good night and make good money even on week days, as there are always people in the club. It is getting very popular after it has been featured in a very well known French television programme.

The customers are generally businessmen, doctors, lawyers and sometimes tourists and the majority are very educated and well behaved, so you don't have to worry about them not treating you as gentlemen. The club rules are very strict. There is a no-touch policy that the customers are informed about and there are surveillance cameras everywhere, so at all times you feel safe and protected. The management is extremely friendly and will give you all the support you need in order to understand how the club works and how you can make the best use of your potential in order to make it work for you.

Apart from the manager, there is a house mom who's always in the dressing room, ready to help you if you need anything of if small accidents happen (e.g. you break a nail, you need a needle, you broke your heel).

The club provides free accommodation in a nice 3 star hotel in Paris. You will live in an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. There are 2-3 dancers per apartment. At 5 minutes walk from the hotel you have a supermarket where you can buy your food, the subway station (so you can take the subway and go anywhere you want in Paris during daytime) and a beautiful gym with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, so you can really keep in shape while you're there. The hotel is a little far from the club, but you get picked up to and from work every night in a shuttle bus, free of charge as well. The club will also refund you 100 Euros towards your travel expenses if you work a minimum of 10 nights. In exchange for all these facilities, they require you to be extremely professional and work hard.

You will generally make 6-8 stage shows a night and in between shows you have to make table dances and private dances. You have to bring beautiful outfits for work, all the girls look sexy and elegant, so you cannot afford to be sloppy in any way. Management will not tolerate you being late for work, allowing the customers to touch you, being rude, getting drunk or breaking the house rules in any way.

When you get to Paris for the first time, they will provide you with a set of the house rules. You should read them, understand them and take them seriously. If you're living in the hotel, you are expected to start work at 22.00 hrs and finish at 5.00 hrs. Some girls, including myself, choose to work until 6.00 hrs, because sometimes it is later that you can make most money, but that's up to you. I recommend this club to all my fellow dancers who are willing to challenge themselves. It is not easy work, but the rewards that you can have are really worth the effort, plus the atmosphere and the mere fact of being in such a club is in itself quite an experience that you shouldn't miss.

Portugal - Lisbon Review By Draga Feb 2004 - Ref 10

It is a small and cosy club, one of the few in Lisbon, but the customers have told me it has a very good reputation. It has a beautiful stage, where you can really let your imagination loose and do some beautiful stage shows. You have to bring your own music, but the DJ also has a lot of music available, so if you want to change your music sometimes, he will gladly play it for you.

You are expected to make 2-3 stage shows a night and in this club you will really feel like an artist, because when you've finished your show everybody applauds and that's really nice. If you have costumes, you should bring them with you, they really like it here. Until 02.00 a.m. you have to wear a long dress, so make sure you have a couple of them with you when you come here. In between shows you have to sit down with customers. They are generally very nice, I've seen a lot of regular customers coming to the club, so once they know you they'll be happy to sit down with you and offer you drinks. In this club if a customer buys you a drink, you get paid for it, so you have an extra income apart from the table dances.

You have to be ready for work at 22.00 hrs, but the stage shows start at midnight, until 04.00 a.m. in week days and 05.00 a.m. in the weekend. You get free accommodation in a beautiful house surrounded by palm trees and you have a bus that takes you to and from work every night, free of charge. After you finish work the club offers you a free meal. You are really looked after in this club, there is not a lot of pressure and you should make some easy money.

At this time the club is a little quiet, but the girls that I met there said it's going to get busy in March and definitely very busy in May, because of the festival Rocking Rio and June because of the Euro 2004 Football Championship. I myself am planning to go back for these events, so I went to check it out and I am glad I did, because now I know how to prepare for these events and what to expect. If you want to be here in June and dance for all the celebrities that are going to come, I advise you to check out this club before, so you know what to expect.

You will not get bored in daytime, the ocean is within walking distance from the house, the weather is quite nice and you have a train that takes you to the heart of Lisbon, which is a beautiful city that you'll love.

Ref 3 - Reykjavik, Iceland

The club is located in Reykjavik City centre. All around are restaurants, bars and discos. This is the heart of Reykjavik and its famous nightlife.

Odal was founded in 1996 and its firmly established. It is a higher-class erotic club that is both stylish and fashionable and offers an unique relaxed atmosphere, which makes it very popular among its broad clientele.

Clients include locals and tourists of both sexes of various age groups and the earning potentials are excellent. Club Odal is open from 22 - 3 am, Sunday - Thursday and from 21 - 7 am, Friday and Saturday. Dancers are expected to dance on stage and fully nude on the third floor where there is more privacy, sell ladies drinks and accompany costumers during their stay at the club. The dancers are chauffeured to and from work.

Odal provides the dancers with self- catering accommodations in a modern house, owned by the club. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a laundry room. An entertainment room with a big screen television, video and there is also a workout facility, a sauna and Jacuzzi in the basement. The rooms are shared and there is a bathroom and shower on every floor.

The house is located in a beautiful quiet neighbourhood within a ten-minute driving distance from the City centre. It has a grown garden and a terrace that makes it easy to enjoy barbecues and relaxing outdoors.

A shopping mall and a swimming pool are within a walking distance from the house and the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal pool, is close to Reykjavik. Going into the city centre only takes about twenty minutes by bus.

Iceland is the second largest in Europe. It is a very modern country that has a very high standard of living. The spoken language is Icelandic, which is closely related to other Scandinavian languages and almost everyone speaks English.

Reykjavik is a modern City that is in many ways unique. In Reykjavik you will find more coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, art shows and theatres than any other city of its size. Some of the bars and nightclubs are open all night during weekends and Club Odal is one of them.

Iceland attracts a large number of tourists every year that comes to explore its extraordinary nature and enjoy its its world famous nightlife. It is still virtually unpolluted, with clean water and fresh air and delivers a powerful experience to tourists travelling through its untouched wilderness.

There are endless opportunities for adventurers in Iceland. Swimming in natural pools, horseback riding and glacier snowmobile tours are but a few of them. From Reykjavik there are many scheduled day trips that explore the surrounding countryside. The climate in Iceland is warmer than the name would imply. The winters are mild and the summer days are long and bright. Arrive with a changeable plane ticket if you want to extend the stay to experience some adventures.

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