Laptastic Lapdancing Agency UK

Information You Need

Important requirements needed within our agency.

Recent photos must be sent you can either email to

or post to Laptastic,
Laptasic, Po Box 76, Manchester M19 2XY, England.

Make sure they are recent photos, a facial, dress, bikini shots are recommended..

It is also very important you take these simple steps -

1) Always let someone know that you are working with our agency and give them our number, in case they need to contact you.

2) Always make sure you get some form of medical / healthcare / travel insurance as it does get expensive abroad if anything unfortunate happens, in many cases this doesnt happen but please take precautions and cover yourself, simple travel plans can be taken out at your local post office. Be safe and sure.

3) Always request a contact number of manager of where you will be working when travelling, and make sure you take some spare cash with you, for phone calls etc.

4) When travelling abroad make sure you buy a new sim card for your mobile phone from the country your in and place a message on your mobile phone from the country your tariff is in and tell everyone to call you on your new number this will save you many in phone calls.

Useful Telephone Numbers

British Rail 08457 484950

Post Office Travel / Medical / Health Insurance
Request your free info pack - 08457 223344


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