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Laptastic does Global Gathering 2005

Nearly a week later and I sit here, still feeling the same buzz as I did at the event. The biggest dance event in the UK – was awesome. With 150 DJ’s playing in more marquees than I could count and around 50,000 happy punters on the Saturday alone, two whole days and nights without sleep didn’t seem to matter.

For the first time, and I suspect not the last, Global Gathering took place over 2 days. Friday was a nice ‘gentle’ pre-med to get everything warmed up and it certainly did. Nothing works properly first time, not without teething difficulties and this was no exception. Once we had poles and booths – essentials in any lap-dancing tent – we flung open the doors to find a huge, hungry mass of people with large empty spaces in their laps. Not for much longer. The girls took to the floor and the punters to the booths. Two hours later and their gurns had turned to smiles as the Friday warm up closed down in anticipation of the big on one Saturday.

Sun up, litter picked, bars re-stocked, toilets cleaned (kind of), bungee rope tightened, G-strings washed and 3 new poles - passed by health and safety. A sweet 16 hours of festival kicked off – and rocked. The girls once again took to the poles and our marquee filled with eager customers. 50,000 people flooded to the gig, the weather was great and the event was, I think without exception, an incredible success.

Thanks must go out to all the Laptastic dancers, those members of the event staff who pulled out all the stops to get things working for us (you know who you are), to Lee from for shooting the video – DVD on sale soon, and most of to you. The festival goers and lap dance lovers who made the whole event a massive success. We WILL see you next year.


Dancers comments

Hi Jason,

Thanks for a fab weekend.....Honestly!! Had an absolute ball. Just to let you know I lost my mobile though, if you need to contact me please do so by email.

Look forward to working with you again v soon!!

Melanie x



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