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Successful Dancer
To be a successful dancer and reap the benefits here's a few tips to follow - It is not just about taking your clothes off, there's more to it than you can imagine as many of you professional dancers know, but if your new to the industry then here are a few basic guidelines.


  • Always look your very best - make sure your nails are done and hair nicely groomed, if you don't feel your best then your not going to feel good inside yourself and be able to perform to your ability, sleep and your rest is also important, being a dancer can be very tiring at times as you work long hours.
  • Eye Contact - Having this ability to use your eyes is a must, eye contact is very important as you can make your customer fall into a trance with the love of your eyes, even when your on the stage make this contact with the customer, it is very sexy. Make the customer feel he is the only one, smile with your eyes and give that warm glowing feeling.
  • Body Shape - Keep your figure in shape, try to go swimming or go to the gym, keep your fitness.
  • Attitude / Personality   - Always make sure you have the right attitude with the club your working for and the customer your dancing for, enjoy talking to them and show an interest to their lives, be cheerful and happy and make them laugh whatever you must talk about just show interest. Don't go round the club complaining to all the other dancers that the club is quiet, we all like to be busy and earn money but sometimes in this industry  it has its moments when its quiet, no one likes to hear someone complain, this can become de moralising and has an effect on the whole clubs atmosphere. Remember also you are out there on your own and for you, and if you listen to everything what is said about something before you see this with your own eyes, then this will give you a negative attitude, so be strong and see things for yourself, but always maintain a strong mental attitude and judge things for yourself. Many Dancers like to create a negative feeling so you leave the club, so there are less girls there to work, which gives them more money for themselves, think of number one and respect the club where your working. If you have a problem where your working then go and go and discuss this with the management.
  • Dress - Always make sure before where you go to work understand what dress code is required, always take a assorted of dresses, evening gowns and bikinis, a fantasy outfit is good too be a nurse or or angel or something, but of course always look sexy and elegant and lingerie is very important, combine your dress with your skin colour, always look your best and stand out from the rest.
  • Dancing - Now every single club more or less has different rules, make sure when you start work at a club that you fully understand these rules, and if your not clear about something then do not be afraid of asking again and again until you understand. Keep your dance routine interesting and use plenty of eye contact and keep smiling, and let your personality shine and at the same time be sexy and make sure your customer will want another dance because you dance like a showgirl.
  • Don't pester  -  Don't be seen to just pester for dances, take your time and approach customers in the right  manner, if they don't  want to dance straight away then have time still for them, as they might  want a dance later. Many like to observe and have a drink first, make a nice introduction of yourself. As a customer to watch someone rush around from one to one asking for dances just looks like a girl in a rush, be cool calm and collective, remember Rome wasn't built in a day, Don't  panic. But don't spend longer than 5 to 10 minutes if your not getting a dance.