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Scotland "Aberdeen" Ref 00
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Scotland "Aberdeen" Ref 00
This is An Agency assisted contract.

Agency Comments

Would highly recommend this contract it is a basic simple club, but many girls we have sent always seem to make £600-£1000 a week and always want to come back.

The club itself is well run and is the busiest club in Aberdeen. A definite must!

Contract Details

Available now
Dancers are required for a period of 1 - 4 weeks. Please state duration that you would like to stay. The contract is renewable pending we are both satisfied.

House fees

Sunday - Thursday £50
Friday £60
Saturday £80
Includes agency fee of £10 to Laptastic

Salary Details / Conditions / Accommodation

Hours of opening are from

Sunday to Thursday 8pm - 2am
Friday from 8pm - 3am
Saturday from 3pm - 3am

For those selected on the pole dancing rota, there will be a 10 pounds deduction on the day's commission.

Because with the extended hours of business, our dancer now have much more time to earn there money.

The dances are £10 & are full nude dances, girls can work for 1 week to 1 month contracts or longer if they wish.

The girls can earn from £600 to over a £1000 per week.

Accommodation b&b can be arranged at a local friendly b&b which is £15 to £20 per night which is only a 10 minute taxi ride to the club.

Aberdeen Train Station is right next to the club a short walk and costs £3-00 in a taxi to get to the b&b.

There is a no touching rule in the club at all times & no extras are allowed in the club or away from the club.

The club has changing rooms a sun bed & shower & lockers for the girls use.

There is a good working relationship in the club between girls & staff & management.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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Scotland "Aberdeen" Ref 11
This is an Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

A club that is very popular in Aberdeen and again is in the Oil Rig Capital and when the men finish there graft all they want to see is some women. The club itself is based in a city centre location on the best side of town attracting a good proportion of business clientele week nights and attracting the locals at weekends. We would recommend you visiting this club. Another outlet for you to dance with a minimum of a 4 day contract. The club has also been recently refurbished.

Contract Details

Available Now. Dancers are required to work for a minimum of 4 days to Maximum of 1 month plus. Contracts can also be extended if your on a 4 day contract pending everyone's happy.

Salary Details / Conditions / Accommodation

Opening Hours of

Sunday to Thursday 9pm - 2am
Friday / Saturday 8pm - 3am

The Club house fees are week nights £45 and weekends £65.
The dances are £10 nude with a earning potential of £100 - £300 per night.
Accommodation is £15 - £20 per night in a local guest house.
There is also good management at this club.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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Scotland "Aberdeen" Ref 49
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency comments

This Club is the oil capitols newest and most exclusive, upmarket, late night entertainment venue, with a particular focus on fine wines and vintage champagnes, luxury spirits, speciality cocktails and with full waitress service.

The main focus of the clubs entertainment is stage & floor shows, pole dancing and cabaret, however private dance facilities and VIP seating booths are also available.

Although we have only been open a short time the club is growing in popularity nightly and already has a number of individual and corporate VIP members.

The club is located less than 5 minutes walk from of many of Aberdeen’s top city center hotels including The Station Hotel, Douglas & Carmelite Hotels, Travel Inn and Travel Lodges as well as being close to Aberdeen’s busy harbor, rail and bus terminals.

A significant attraction of the Club is, its customers and VIP members is that different themed entertainment is provided on different nights. For these special nights performers will be required to wear appropriate clothing. There are also a number of special events planned including a ladies night with male dancers, live adult comedians, themed seasonal party nights, pole dancing competitions and classes.

The club is not looking to compete with the larger traditional lap dancing venues in the city rather to offer something different but complimentary is the form of an exclusive cabaret show bar, cocktail and champagne lounge.

There are two VIP booths for parties and groups in the club, one for 8-10 customers the other for 12-14. These are very popular for birthdays, stag groups and also some corporate entertainment customers as we provide party packages including waitress service, complimentary house champagne and a cold buffet.

Whilst these booths are normally open to allow the customers to see the stage shows it is possible for them to be curtained off to allow a dancer to perform for the entire group in private.

Salary Details / Conditions

Opening Times

Sunday – Thursday 8pm until 2am.
Friday and Saturday 8pm until 3am.

There is also the possibility of a Saturday afternoon shift.

Although the official capacity of the club is in excess of 130, for the comfort and enjoyment of both customers and performers we limit entry to a maximum of 100 people at any time.

There will only be 6 girls per shift to enable them to maximise earnings whilst ensuring continuous stage, floor & pole shows throughout the evening for customers.

Stage Shows

Each entertainer, in exchange, should perform one stage / floor /pole show of 10 minutes every hour. The other 50 minutes are free to sit with the customers, sell champagne and to have private dances.

Private dances

What performers make from private dances they keep. The cost of private dances is agreed between the performer and the customer however it is recommended that the cost is £ 10 - £ 20 depending on the number of songs.

Private dances for stag groups or parties in the VIP booths should be £80-£100

Tip Dollars

Club Sapphire also operate a “Tip Dollar” system where customers purchase Sapphire money to tip the dancers whilst on the stage and Pole, this can be very profitable for the performers, as many of our American and Norwegian customers prefer this to private dances when out with business colleagues or in groups. Performers can increase this by leaving the stage area and interacting with the customers at other tables during their show. The more a customer tips the more attention the dancer should give them.

Tip Dollars can be exchanged for Cash at the end of the shift at an exchange rate of $10 = £5.

Commission on Champagne

We are also investigating the possibility of introducing commission for performers on Champagne sales of 10% which is £6 - £ 25 per bottle sold. (To be confirmed)


The Club provides private changing facilities with secure lockers for personal items, registered professional door stewards and CCTV for the comfort and safety of performers. The club also offer the opportunity for performers to choreograph their stage and pole performances to specific music tracks or we can play the performers own music CD’s or MP3’s. Club Sapphire is fully licensed by Phonographic Performance Limited for playing recorded music and by the Performing Rights Society and providing live entertainment.

Administration fee

There is a £30 administration charge per shift, to cover agency fees and to help pay for these facilities and ensure they are kept to a high standard at all times for the performers..

For busy party nights and large stag or birthday parties it may be necessary to employ an additional door Stewart to ensure the comfort and safety of the performers, on these occasions the administration fee might have to be slightly higher for the night to help pay for this. (Recipes can be provided for performers tax returns)

Dress Code

Club Sapphire has a smart dress code with different themes for different evenings, so after your stage performances for sitting with customers or at the bar please dress appropriately. This is an exclusive establishment therefore bikinis, see through clothing and underwear are not considered appropriate.

Monday – Thursday Pole, stage & floor shows.

Friday is Champagne Party night; dress is sophisticated and elegant with evening wear

Saturday is Fantasy Party night dress is fantasy wear, Nurse, School Girl, Police etc.

Sunday is Leather & Lace Fetish party night, dress is kinky, rubber, leather etc,

There will also be themed party nights over Christmas and Halloween were different dress codes will apply.

Performers also sought for cabaret stage show events, traditional striptease show nights, club promotions and as topless waitresses for adult comedian nights.

Accommodation is available at local b&b or look at

Book now!!!


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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Scotland "Aberdeen" Ref 85
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

To follow

Opening Hours

Tues - Thurs 9pm till 2am
Friday 9pm till 3am
Saturday 8pm till 3am

Dance Prices

Start from £10 upwards
VIP etc to be arranged by dancer

Dancers are requested to arrive and be ready to perform 20 minutes before starting time.


Tues and Wed £40
Thurs and Friday £50
Saturday £70

House fees


Dress Code

Standard dancers attire, bikinis etc are also allowed

Basic Rules of the Club

These will be advised upon arrival however drugs or any other illegal activities and excessive alcohol will not be tolerated.


Accommodation can be found at local hotels/B and B’s within easy access to the club

International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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