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Iceland "Reykjavik" Ref 02
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Iceland "Reykjavik" Ref 02
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

Having visited this club it has a totally organised system and all the dancers spoken too, gave excellent remarks about the club and management. And we seen this for ourselves.

The girls have been making excellent money and a lot of this is made from champagne commission.

The club has an excellent stage together with ten private booths. It also is a very comfortable place to work and we would highly recommend this Club.

Most dancers are bringing home £3000 - £6000 a month plus.

Also just a note. To have breast enlargement it costs around £1200 in Iceland, Half the price than in the UK.

Contract Details

Available now.
One month contracts plus.
Prepaid flight available - You pay half the flight at the end of the contract which usually costs between £300 to £400.

Salary Details / Conditions / Accommodation

Salary is paid monthly on the second of each month. Cash advancements can be given if needed.

Dancers receive 50% of all dances.

Private Dance Prices 5.min 4.000 = £32
10.min 8.000 = £64
15.min 12.000 = £96
20.min 18.000 = £144
25.min 22.000 = £176
30.min 25.000 = £200
60.min 50.000 = £400

30% in Icelandic tax / pension is deducted out of your salary at the end of contract.

opening Hours

7 days a week
Weekdays - 10pm – 6am
Weekends - 9pm - 6am

The club does provide transport back to the guesthouse.

A Guesthouse is provided with all the modern appliances for a cost of between £8 and £12 per night.

Accommodation is in a guesthouse and costs between £8 - 12 per night.

Champagne Price List

Moscato - 187ml 3.000 - £24
Pommery - 200ml 6.000 - £48
Bollinger - 375ml 12.000 - £96
Moscato - 750ml 18.000 - £144
Bollinger - 750ml 24.000 - £192
Bollinger - 1,5ltr 36.000 - £288
Dom Perignon - 60.000 - £480
Pommery - 3ltr 84.000 - £672
Bollinger - 6ltr 192.000 - £1536

(+30 mín Einkadans/Prívat) - You also get paid for dance.

You get 25% of the 3000/£24 sterling bottle.
You get 30% of all other bottles.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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Iceland "Reykjavik" Ref 03
 This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

The club seemed to be in a very relaxed atmosphere on our recent visit, all the girls was looked after with them getting driven to and from the club and also put up in excellent accommodation it was home from home and had jaccuzi and sauna there. Every night from thurs to the Saturday there was a steady flow of customers. Been a dancer here you need to be good at also selling drinks to your customer where you get good commissions, its all run on a points per unit system and the more you sell the more you benefit on your commissions from dancing. A very professional and well organised club furnished to the highest standards.Right in the centre of the nightlife, and some great places to visit. Laptastic is happy to be associated with this club, they certainly know what direction they are going in and can only benefit the professional dancer. Most of all theres money to be made here.

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Dancers must only apply if they are from the EU

European Union


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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