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France  "Paris" Ref 07
France "Paris" Ref 86

France  "Paris" Ref 07
This is An Agency assisted contract.

Agency Comments

Having visited the club, We would highly recommend that you must give this one a go. Management are very professional at all times. Music is very funky and gives you the right feel and puts the customers in the party mood where they don't seem shy to spend. Constant stage shows, this club is for the dancer that likes to hustle and reap the rewards. Total respect is shown to the dancers, and having spoken to most of the girls there, we are confident that you will love this one. The atmosphere is hard to be beat - electrifying.

Topless and nude Table Dancing only, and one thing that needs to be said is that only the very hard working Dancer needs to apply for this contract, there are many customers that come to the club. The location of the club is right in the heart of Paris, where it all happens.

Contract Details

Available Now - New dancers always required, but please book as far ahead as possible. There's a waiting list for dancers at this club.

2 week contracts available - Possible Extension available as long as we are all happy with your performance.

Salary / Conditions / Accommodation

If you're a hard worker you will make good money!

This is a Topless and nude Table Dancing Club.
All Tickets are 12 euros net to the dancer.
Nude Dances - In 3 big Private Rooms
3 Dance Tickets which is 36 euros net for the dancer - 25 sterling.
It's a two song dance, the first being a normal table dance, and during the second dance its nude with both feet on the ground and ankles together. Less is best! and it's very strict.

You are required to work 5 nights per week.

We  have a champagne room too. 10  dance tickets for the dancer.
Plus a bottle of champagne, for 1/2 hour. This is 120 Euros net, for the dancer.

DJ - 10 euros per shift 7-00
House Mom - 10 euros per shift 7-00
Accommodation - 10 euros per day 7-00

You are expected to work 5 days a week.

Opening Hours

7 Days a week Mon / Sun 10pm - 5am.
Dancers get taken to work and taken home at the end of shift save on taxi fares.
Your Flight allowance is 50 euros.
Accommodation is provided in a hotel 4 star apartments 2-3 to share at 20 euros per night.


Please make sure that if you are European, go to the post office and complete an E111 form for health benefits for when you work in Paris, this must be done before you arrive just in case you need medical help as this can be very expensive if your not covered. British Dancers should provide their National Insurance Number if they have one.

Review for April - May 2006

I arrived in Paris at the end of April not sure what to expect. When i arrived at my room there were two girls already in there which i wasnt too keen on. I've always shared with girls i know when in hotels but as i didnt know anyone that was hardly going to happen! The girls were very nice but had to go to work so i didnt get much time to chat as i had the night off the settle in. The atmosphere was very easy going in the club. There were a lot of rules but thats what i'm used to as i work in Strings. The girl i shared my room with, Logan was very helpful and made my earnings increase daily. Its good to be friends ith a french girl that can help you as working in Paris is slightly different to the UK, but you will find it very easy to adapt. I would advise anyone given the oppourtunity to go and work in Hustler. Its fun, all the girls are fabulous! And there's a stage like you have never seen before! You,ll know what i mean when you get there! lol.

Malibu xxxxxx


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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France "Paris" Ref 86
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

The Club is situated in the centre of cosmopolitan Paris, just off the Champs Elysees. Alongside the bars and salons of this bustling metropolis. The club has themed nights each week with an emphasis on class.

Contract Details

Minimum 2 week contract Dancers required NOW
1) Dancing only
2) No touching
3) No extras

Salary Details / Conditions / Accommodation

Salary paid monthly by cheque or bank transfer
Cash dances and Private Rooms are paid at the end of each night
Accommodation private apartment 10 per day, shared room
Minimum 5 shifts a week, maximum 6.

Dance Prices

A ticket system is in operation
1) Table dances 11 euros
2) Private nude dances 22 euros (one on one in private booth)
3) VIP 20 minutes (nude) 143 euros.

It is illegal to give dancers money for sale of alcohol in France.

House Fee

66 euros a night

Dress Code

Themed nights, some costumes are provided by club, but there is an emphasis on elegance and long dresses.


Located 100 yards from the club on the same street. They charge 10 euros a day, rooms are shared between 2-4 girls.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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