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England "Wakefield" Ref 23
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

After the visit to this club I drove home feeling confident to send girls to work in there, it is a very well looked after, clean club that is well presented. It has been open for 1 year now and it is a busy club.

It is only 10 min drive from the City of Leeds.

The club manager who I was speaking to has been in the lap dance industry for over 10 years and has put all his knowledge into this club. He is easy to get along with and will answer any queries you may have whilst you are there.

The club is well laid out with 14 cubicles for private dances; some single some double and one large enough for a 4 girls dance.

There are 2 changing rooms and shower facilities in the building for your use.

The club is open 7 nights a week, and so you can have some time for yourselves a negotiable night off is on offer between Monday and Thursday.

Opening hours

7 days a week
Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 9pm till 2am
Fri/Sat 9pm till 4am

Dancers must arrive no later than 20 minutes before opening and be ready to perform by 9.00pm. *NB* Subject to the managers discretion fines are in operation at this club for girls that are late for work.

Dance Prices

Full Nude 10 (dance length 3 minutes) If a 2 girl show is requested it is 10 per girl.
*Any tips made on a night are your own.*
A maximum of 3 stage/pole shows per night are expected from each dancer.

Additional Information

The manager requests that when working in the club girls sit and make conversation with the clients and not just walk away if they get a no the first time round. There is no commission on Champagne at the moment but cocktails are available for the customers to buy for the girls.


30% on dances

House fees

Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed 50
Thursday 55
Fri/Sat 80
These fees are payable at the start of your shift each night and include the 10 Agency fee.

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code other than to promote Laptastic Lap Dancing Agency in a professional manner.

Basic Rules of the Club

Drugs and excessive alcohol are not acceptable. The manager requests that no chewing gum or mobile phones are permitted in the club area during your working night (mobiles are allowed in the changing rooms).


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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