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Caribbean "St Maarten" Ref 04
This is An Agency assisted contract

Agency Comments

The Caribbean as we all know is such a exotic part of the world. How wonderful would it be to visit the lovely Dutch colony of St Maatens and also earn money? Well you can at this absolute divine poolside lap dancing club, work and make a holiday out of it as many dancers currently do. There is money to be made, and you will go home relaxed with money in your pocket, and knowing you have had the time of your life. It is well worth a visit, enjoy life in the Caribbean.


Contract Details

Minimum 3 month contracts
Working hours 10.30pm till 5am
Dancers pay for there own airfare and the club refunds half the price of the ticket

To work in Saint Maarten you need a work permit. To obtain one you must send the following information to the club:

Police Record (Less than 6 months old)
Doctor’s certificate stating that you in good health
A copy of your passport
4 Passport photos


Opening Hours

10.30pm till 5am

Salary / Conditions

Topless on stage - Tips from the customers
Private dances - see section below
10% Commission on Champagne bottles
20% Commission on drinks

Private Dances

Lap Dance - $20
Nude - $30
$50 tip out to club every night and $5 for each private dance


Free accommodation for dancers and free transportation to the club is also provided.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club,
send recent photo to
or Tel Jason 0044 (0)161 408 6157, Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218


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