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With Laptastic now getting over 25,000 visitors per month to this site, it is now time for you to compliment and take advantage of this. Our site is only for the professionals in the Industry and we cater for a high quality of Strip Clubs and Exotic Dancers around the Globe.

Our Costs are low considering the response of what you will achieve so come on give it a go.

No other Agents are allowed to advertise as that would be totally silly, and we analyze all advertisements before they are posted so that Quality and not Quantity stay here.

Have a classified, or full page with web button. 

Special Offer Amazing Classified Advertising Deal - Book your Advert today
6 Months Advertising for the Price 3 months - 90.00 Sterling

Classified add Full Page Advertisement Full Page with WEB BUTTON



Terms and conditions
Advertisements must be pre paid.
Payment method -  Western Union, Bank Transfer, Cheque.
Advertisers must supply full information of club, addresses telephone  numbers and  contacts, pictures, and state dance prices etc.
Think about it if you only recruited a few Artistes a month from your add? Then you can say it was well worth advertising with us.
Don't forget to ask the Artiste of how they found you, as we like to know the advertising is working for you.
If you want to book for a full 12 months then a special discount will be given - example 2 months free but must be pre paid.
Late payments will result in your add been taken down.
Request full Promo from Artiste and if they don't have photos there not professional enough and not worth hiring.     


To advertise email or telephone 0044 (0) 161 256 0768

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